ISG Mission Statement

ISG seeks to inspire people with disabilities to discover solutions of assistive technology while serving as a role model; a trusted mentor and end-user of technology. And in the process of providing support services and product sales, ISG seeks to generate financial gain for the company and the employed service providers.

ISG Philosophy

ISG is guided by the notion that disability is simply another expression within the continuum of life, and everyone is worthy and ought to be given an opportunity to become successful, and financially comfortable — however defined by each person, without judgement of measure.

Quality Policy

The Quality Policy at ISG is to exceed customer’s expectation in everything we do. Through our customer focus and continuous improvement philosophy, quality is evident in every service or device we offer. Emphasis on innovative technology, quality, and reliability coupled with our speedy turnaround time provides our customers with superior products and services. We at ISG take every measure to ensure quality, excellence and industry-leading processes throughout every single operation.